Effective Ways to Balance your Hormones Naturally

Hormonal imbalances mean that there is an overproduction or inadequate level of certain essential hormones in the body as a result of the endocrine system not working well. The endocrine system works to make sure that there is a balance in the level of hormones circulating through the body. An imbalance even on one hormone can have severe health implications. Although there are conventional treatments for hormone imbalances such as thyroid medication and insulin injection, they may have serious side effects and can lead to overdependence on prescription drugs. Fortunately, there are many natural ways that you can use to balance your hormones and below are four of them.HIIT


Workouts are perfect for restoring the balance in your hormones. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is the most efficient form of physical exercise if you have issues with your hormones, and it also has other benefits for the body. Multiple studies prove that HIIT improves cardiovascular system and metabolic process. However, you should remember that HIIT is not good for all people since it puts the body under considerable strain. So before resorting to this kind of training, you'd better consult your doctor first.

Take vitamin D3 supplements

Recent research by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that vitamin D3 has a greater role in health promotion than what scientists suspected before. Researchers now conclude that vitamin D will also act as hormone inside the body and it aids in controlling inflammation. It is because of this reason that people living in areas where sunlight is scarce will have seasonal depression and many other health problems. For such people, supplementing with vitamin D3 can be very beneficial in maintaining hormonal balance.

Sleep more

Lack of sleep will disturb your natural circadian rhythm, which in turn may cause hormonal imbalances. According to a report in the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, lack of sleep causes stress and changes the serum level of various hormones including prolactin and the growth hormone. So sleeping for at least seven hours a night will help keep the hormones balanced, aid the body in recovery and build energy.

Reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption

A report by the Dartmouth Medical School states that caffeine reduces insulin sensitivity and causes a notable increase in cortisol levels. According to this report, taking excessive amounts of caffeine will be as bad as failing to get enough sleep in terms of consequences. Caffeine will stay in your body for up to twelve hours depending on the dosage, and it affects your central nervous system, raises heart rate and also changes the rhythm of hormone production in the body.

You also need to decrease your alcohol intake because a high amount of it can affect the performance of your liver. Different studies have found that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to estrogen dominance, affect pancreatic functions, and also lower testosterone levels.

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