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Coupon-Code-pharmaUnfortunately, iodine deficiency is a reality in many parts of the world with about one billion people suffering from it. The lack of iodine may inhibit the production of the thyroid hormone leading to a medical condition known as hypothyroidism. Currently, about 0.4% of all the people living in Western countries have this illness. It is a serious medical condition that needs urgent attention. You may not realize that you have it soon after it starts developing unless you know the signs that should alert you.

Hypothyroidism may lead to numerous symptoms. Signs of the illness include hair loss, coarse skin, slow pulse rate, swollen limbs, and weight gain. However, it is good to know that treating this illness is possible. Synthroid is an oral pill that can help you tackle thyroid problems, and now it is a cost effective solution to this medical condition.

Technically referred to as levothyroxine, Synthroid is a replacement hormone for the thyroid hormone whose supply is inefficient in your body. By replacing this hormone, it reverses the effects of hypothyroidism. You can also use Synthroid to treat other thyroid disorders such as goitre. However, it is important for you to contact your doctor before taking it especially if you have heart problems. Follow your doctor’s instructions and those on the label when consuming Synthroid.

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