How to Choose between Synthroid and Armour

Hypothyroidism is a fairly common health complication today. And the most commonly prescribed medications for treating hyperthyroidism are Synthroid and Armour Thyroid. The most drastic difference between these two treatment options emanates from the fact that Armour Thyroid is classified as natural.

A thyroid hormone extracted from pigs, Armour Thyroid is a stark contrast to the artificial nature of Synthroid.

Synthroid vs Armour Thyroid

When choosing between these two approaches to treating hyperthyroidism, it is essential that one takes into account the elements that Synthroid and Armour share, as well as those factors through which they differ. This will allow one to make the best decision possible for their situation.


The similarities between these two drugs can be understood when one compares them according to the following parameters:


Synthroid and Armour do not vary that drastically from one another, with the price tag of either drug rising no higher than $50 depending on the brand name.


As far as most medical experts can tell, neither drug is that much more effective than the other. Admittedly, there is more data to prove the efficacy of Synthroid. But, if consumer opinions are to be believed, one can expect similar results from either drug.Goitre


You need a prescription to acquire both of these drugs, though neither Synthroid nor Armour is classified as a controlled substance.


Both drugs are used to combat thyroid-related diseases like hyperthyroidism, goitre and thyroid cancer.

Side Effects

As far as medical experts can determine, the use of both of these drugs will attract the risk of a similar set of side effects, from appetite changes and weight loss to anxiety and mood swings.


While these drugs enjoy a number of similarities, Synthroid and Armour are a bit distinct from one another, with notable differences including the following:

FDA Approval

Of these two drugs, only Synthroid has FDA approval (which it received in 2002). Armour, on the other hand, cannot be patented. As such it can never receive FDA approval. For this reason, many hypothyroidism patients find Armour a little unsettling.


Synthroid is an artificial drug, synthetically crafted, this is opposed to Armour Thyroid which is natural. Some medical practitioners prefer the natural approach to treating hyperthyroidism because it delivers better biological tolerability.

Generic options

Of the two drugs, only Synthroid is unavailable in a generic format. Generic medications are popular because they are cheaper than their branded counterparts.


Most medical experts are a little suspicious about Armour Thyroid because there simply isn’t enough evidence to support the effectiveness and safety of the drug in the long-term. That being said, many voices believe that Armour’s organic nature gives it superiority over its synthetic rival.

There is no quantifiable data available at the moment proving that either one of these drugs is superior to the other. Both drugs seem to deliver similar results and attract the same set of side effects.

As such, the best most people can do is to trust the recommendation of their doctor, only making changes if their drug of choice proves ineffective.

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